Order policy & Shipping rates / policy:


  1. Generel terms of sale

Below mentioned terms and conditions shall apply for all sales. Variations of the terms or oral deals require a written affirmation of Tooltype company. Customer-own conditions won’t be recognized. The customer accepts our conditions if she/he doesn’t enter a written objection within 8 days after the day of delivery.


  1. Offer and conclusion of contract

All our declarations are without obligation. An order is only accepted due to a written acknowledgment by the Tooltype company. A contractual relationship comprises the written Tooltype company acknowledgment as well as the including order terms and conditions.


  1. Prices

All prices are quoted in EUR – subject to change, exclusively transportation and packaging costs.


  1. Time of delivery

Time of delivery will be specified to the best of our knowledge, but without any guarantee. Time of delivery as contracted starts with the day of order acceptance thru us. Events due to an Act of God entitle us to delay the delivery for the time of interference. Circumstances, which make the delivery difficult or impossible resemble to events due to an Act of God.


  1. Shipping & delivery

Delivery ex works. The customer is responsible for assuring that the product will be delivered free of failure. The delivery risk is confered to the customer from the day the shipment leaves our stock. Shipping rates: order net worth under € 100.00 = € 9.50 | order net worth under € 500.00 = € 5,00 | order net worth exceeding € 500.00 = free delivery


  1. Terms of payment

Every statement of account has to be payed within the 8 days after the date of invoice to receive the 2% trade discount. Or within 30 days after the date of invoice but with no discount. In case of date overrun, a default interest to the amount of 2% (depending on the respective credit rate) will be charged. There will be no conditional acceptances concerning checks or foreign currencies. They will be taken as undertaking to pay but don’t serve as payment before encashment. Bank discount and charges are at the expense of the customer.


  1. Returns and refunds

Complaints can only be considered, if they are given within 8 days after the day of received shipment. Furthermore it has to be proven that material defects or construction is false and at last, that its established an article of Tooltype company. In this case, we will deliver a cost-free replacement for every defective good. Any other claim of any kind, especially compensation, are excluded.


  1. Reservation of title

All of our delivered items will remain our rightful property until the complete liquidation of all open accounts. The reservation of title won’t be modified by single equalized accounts or striking a balance of a current bill. Fulfilled payment means that the counter value closes the account at Tooltype company.

Within regular course of business the buyer is entitled to realienate all goods subject to retention of title. But she/he may not pawn nor go into any transfer by way of security. The buyer is obliged to secure our rights in case of realinating the goods subject to retention on credit. Furthermore the buyer already assigns the claim connected with the resale to the Tooltype company. We accept the assignment of claim. By our request the buyer is obliged to give us any information concerning the assigned book account. In the same way as she/he has to inform the deptor about the assignement. If the goods subject to retention of title, together with any other products (independent of their state) are being declared for resale, the before mentioned retention of title will only be effective to the amount of the value of all goods subject to retention along with every other items, which is subject of the shipping.


  1. Place of fulfillment and place of venue

The place of fulfillment as well as the place of venue of delivery and payment are always Kaltensondheim (Bavaria, Germany).


  1. Validity of terms and conditions

The preceding conditions and terms stay in force, even if one or more articles of the contract turns invalid.